Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Tips to have your blog posts read


Some writers think that the success of an article is due to the choice of the topic, to an attractive headline, to a deep reasoning or fascinating thoughts. However, a person can write a long article putting all his knowledge in it, but only few people can be interested to it, why?

Some articles give us the impression that we are in a vortex or a labyrinth, others seems to be like a train of thought that stops only in the end of the article. Articles of this kind oblige readers to stay focused throughout their reading, which is not always possible especially if they haven’t got enough time.

To make your writing clear and concise, you can apply these tips:

  1. Structure your article
In order to get people interested to what you write, you’d rather divide it into distinct paragraphs or small logical units; this helps the readers be focused on one idea at a time and easily understand the author purposes.

It’s also preferable that each paragraph has a title in bold characters or underlined; it’s useful for busy people who dedicate a short time to reading, because they will have an idea about the whole article only by reading titles.

  1. Use lists
Instead of writing long sentences that’d make the article boring and non attractive, you’d better structure your ideas by using bullet or numbered lists.

Lists help the writer organise his ideas and the reader understand quickly and efficiently.

  1. Write in a simple way
You could write a well argued article, with innovative ideas and stimulating thoughts, but if it’s written in a difficult language, nobody would like to read it.

An article is not a novel; it’s a way to share your ideas with others, so use a plain language with simple words to target a great number of people.

  1. Give examples
Some philosophical or technical topics can be very complicated and they may not be understood by everyone, in that case, the use of examples can be useful.

When you think an idea is difficult, do not hesitate to use examples to make it clearer.

  1. Don’t forget the beginning and the end
A good beginning pushes readers to continue reading, and a well thought end makes a favorable impression on them and encourage them to read your next post.

In the beginning, you can explain the article objective so that the readers follow your reasoning or ask a question to stimulate their curiosity.
In the end, you can write a summary, draw a conclusion or initiate a debate.

In this blog, I will try to apply these tips, especially #1, #2 and #3, in order to make the books analysis the clearest possible, because what matters to me is that you take a maximum advantage of this blog.



  1. Hi Amal
    I've already noticed that you apply these tips in your articles. I think they are very useful.I look forward to sending you an article using these tips.

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