Friday, August 10, 2012

Disappointment !

When I was walking downtown, I saw a group of booths displaying books, so I decided to have a look. In a signboard put next a booth, I read:
The ministry of Culture organises the 3rd edition of "The regional Book Fair" of the region of Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer from 25 July to 23 August under the slogan "Books in the service of the grassroots culture".

I was then surprised because I hadn’t heard anything about this fair before!!

When I started my visit to the fair, I was totally disappointed :
  • Only few people were displaying books, maybe a dozen.
  • Some of the booths are displaying used books.
  • Most books are targeted to children!!!
  • Gastronomy books were displayed outside, as if the only concern of woman is cooking!
  • There is a big lack of books of all languages (Arabic, French and English….), especially new books.

At home, I tried to search on the net some information about the fair, but I didn’t find anything too, even in the official website of the ministry of culture!

Frankly, this fair isn’t up to a city like Rabat! However, I’ll try to be positive and say that since this is only the third edition, the fair isn’t mature enough. So, I hope the organisers will give more interest to it and I look forward to seeing a serious change in the next editions.



  1. Ohh lady, tell me about it !!
    you know when it is about culture and reading, it's just like a disaster :D

  2. I agree with you Amal, it's really a shame! But let's be optimistic and hope that all people in this country start figuring the importance of reading.