Monday, February 13, 2012

Why can’t I read? 6 problems, 6 solutions


Some people feel that they can’t read anymore, that it becomes very difficult for them to hold a book and that their mind is incapable of understanding anything they read. If you are suffering from these symptoms, then you might have one of these problems.

1. A bad book’s impact

It happens sometimes that we read a bad book which has a boring story or contains difficult theories or uninteresting thoughts, a book of this kind makes the reading time much longer that we start hating reading because we confuse it to this book.

So if you think that a book will influence you negatively, stop reading it immediately and switch to another book. You can also read a summary of the book if possible just to have a global idea.

2. An important change in life

People who have a routine life consider reading as a part of this routine, they read in a specific place and in a specific time. Therefore, any change in their life, like moving to a new house, getting married, having a new baby, can impact the reading activity.

If you’re facing an important change in your life, try not to forget to devote a little bit of your new schedule to reading, it’s not necessary to read everyday, but at least 2 times a week. Setting a goal may also encourage you to read.

3. A mind full of thoughts

Nowadays, the pace of life speeds up and people become more stressed and busy, if you add to this all the new decisions they have to make, it becomes very difficult for them to concentrate in reading.

When your mind is full of thoughts, just relax, breath, write down your thoughts, try to organise them, think positively about your problems, try to find concrete solutions and don't forget to make a plan for your actions.

4. A full Schedule

Do you feel that the day’s 24 hours are not sufficient to do all what you want? Actually, finding a time for reading sounds a bit impossible since we have to distribute our time across various activities: work, family, husband/wife, children, sport, cooking, etc...

If you’re serious about reading, the best way is to wake up a bit earlier, in that time of the day, your time is yours, no one shares it with you, so you can take advantage of it and read.

Furthermore, if you have the possibility to go to work by bus or by train instead of driving, you can allocate this time to reading, that exactly what I do!

5. A hard choice

Many people don’t read because they don’t know what to read or what field to focus on; other people rush to read everything quickly especially the beginners, and they can’t decide from where to start. The easy choice for those people is to give up reading.

To solve those problems, try in the beginning of each year, to set a book list, in which you choose areas to focus on in your reading, for example, history, philosophy, management, personal development, religion. In each area, identify books you will read by asking your friends or searching in the net.

You can also state a challenge by setting a number of books to read by the end of the year. It will help you stay committed during the whole year, because every book you read will make you closer to your goal.

6. A bad memory

“I have a bad memory”, “I feel that I forget everything I read”, “I make really a big effort to remember what I’ve already read”, that’s what some readers believe and makes them stop reading.

If you have this problem, you can write notes during reading and a summary when you finish reading. You can also discuss the author ideas with other people in order to remember them.

One of my blog objectives was indeed to take a maximum advantage of what I read, and not to forget the ideas I have in mind while reading, that’s why I decided to write books summaries and share my personal thoughts. I hope that such a blog can be useful to you.


At the end, you should know that when you start reading, you can’t stop, it becomes your life, if you don’t read you feel that something is missing, your brain misses new thoughts, your heart misses the characters he meets and lives with in books, your eyes miss discovering new imaginary places and countries and your ears miss  listening to the music of a good writing style or a beautiful peom.

So what do you think? Are you ready to start?



  1. "if you don’t read you feel that something is missing"

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