Friday, May 11, 2012

Important : Guest posts

Hi everybody,

Some of the blog followers have expressed their wish to participate to the blog by posting books reviews or articles about reading, so I’ve decided to create a new category “Guest posts” for people who want to share their thoughts and reads with us.

Writer rights

Below every article published in this category, a short bio of the author will be included. For the name, it’s up to the author to show it or to remain anonymous.


In order to be published, articles should fulfil some requirements:
  1. Articles must be original work from the author. 
  2. Since the blog topic is "Reading", articles should be related to this topic (books reviews, book-related thoughts, reading tips,...). 
  3. If the article contains a picture, it must be either royalty-free or has a license that gives the right for commercial use. 
  4. Articles must be objective and impartial. 
  5. Articles cannot contain any self-promotion (e.g. a link to a personal website). 
  6. Writing should respect a certain level of quality. Otherwise, I will send you back the article to improve it.


To send your articles, please use this email address: and I will respond you within a week.


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